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Ben Maerkle, consultant: technically-inclined problem solver.

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I can do a lot of services, but here are the main ones:

Office Automation/Process Improvement

Custom Programming

Tech Support

Fast Web Hosting

Systems Design and Programming

Excel Programming and Design

I understand computers pretty well

I've spent a lot of time working with computers, so I can communicate with them pretty effectively. (I communicate with people too!) Also, I have a large set of experience from where my technical skills come from.

I like to solve problems

My business is a service and value-oriented business, which means that I want you to get proper value from working with me, and also the support you need to be successful.

Tech-Tip: June 27, 2017

Secure Your Data -- Don't Risk It!!

The fastest and easiest way to back-up your computer is to push it closer to the wall. Unfortunately, this doesn't guarantee the safety of your data.

I had a guy come to me this past week with a broken laptop. In this case, the hard drive was busted. This means that all of the important business documents and personal family photos on his laptop were destroyed.

Thankfully, he had his data backed up to an external hard drive, and we were able to get him back up and running again relatively quickly.

Be like this smart customer and purchase yourself one of these external hard drives. It is affordable ($60) and easy to use (plug it in like a USB flash drive).

Your data is worth a lot! Spend a few dollars now to save yourself the time, dollars, and bitter anger in lamenting over your lost data. Just because disaster doesn't strike the first day you don't have your computer backed up doesn't mean that disaster isn't coming.

For more complicated solutions, such as automated and full-system backups, contact us below.

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